IMAGE-Softmount High Speed Industrial Washer

IMAGE-Softmount High Speed Industrial Washer

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Softmount High Speed Industrial Strength Washer

Brand Name -IMAGE

SI Series

The SI Series – Softmount High-Speed Industrial Strength Washer-
Extractors for Medium to Large Sized On Premise Laundry,
Commercial and Industrial Laundry Applications, Including Resort
Hospitality, Health Care, and Correctional Facilities

Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency at an Affordable Price
The SI Series is Designed to be Effortless and Powerful While Maintaining Low
Cost of Ownership:

  • Investment cost pays back through increased efficiency
  • Fewer parts means less downtime
  • 320G extraction equals less time in the dryer, yielding tremendous savings
  • Extremely easy installation, no special foundation requirements
  • Can be installed on upper floors and other difficult locations
  • Low maintenance, long lasting, labor saving